Friday, November 5, 2010


In what was a long time coming, NBC axed first year drama Undercovers due to very very low ratings. What was most surprising about this was how long it actually was still on the air. Almost every NBC show was picked up for the year two weeks ago, including train wrecks L&O:LA and Chase, but not Undercovers, which was the writing on the wall. Much has been made about the two black leads being the reason in a not so veiled statement about racism in the US. But that was hardly the reason. If the two leads had been white and just as deadly dull, the show still would have been cancelled. I wanted to watch it at first due to JJ Abrams involvement but the previews looked bad and the reviews were horrible so I, like millions of others, never bothered. It now goes to the dust pile of forgotten shows joining My Generation, The Whole Truth, Life Unexpected and Outlaw. Three more episodes are expected to air and then poof it will be gone. Watch it while you can fans.

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