Monday, November 22, 2010


Imagine my complete lack of surprise when it was announced today that Good Guys and Running Wilde will be done after their current run of episodes are finished. Both were near the bottom of the barrel ratings wise and I give Fox some credit for not cancelling them months ago. The networks are adapting a slash and burn strategy for their shows, following CBS's successful srategy of moving a lot of their shows to new time slots. Most of their shows, other than anything on Friday, have done very well in their new time slots. With that in mind, NBC and Fox have drastically altered their landscape. Fringe will move to the Friday Night Death slot so it's future is all but certain. The Grim Reaper is already circling anything on Friday's, rubbing his paws over the soon to be dead Medium, Good Guys and possibly CSI NY. Will these attempts work or push them further into the ratings cellar? Only time will tell. It did work for the most part for CBS so who knows. Thursday promises to be brutal with the fast fading American Idol moving to Wednesday and Thursdays, here opposite Big Bang and Community. ABC should consider a test pattern for it's 8 o'clock slot currently showing Grey's repeats. They may want to continue to do that until the dust settles and we see who's standing.

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