Wednesday, November 3, 2010


In a non shocker, low rated CW program Life Unexpected had its run cut from 22 to 13. Much like CBS' Medium, this bodes badly for the second year show which is the lowest rated program on the CW, even by their standards. However, this year the CW has done amazingly well on Wednesday, Thursdays and especially Friday. The combo of Smallville's final season with the cult favorite Supernatural has been gangbusters for the network, winning the night a few times, a feat unheard of normally. The other four networks are struggling to keep viewers on Fridays, while CW keeps chugging along. Life Unexpected was widely considered a lost cause and will not be missed, except by the few thousand people still watching it. CW has promised to end all the story lines for the show when it goes off the air, something most of the other channels would never do. So a big thumbs up for not screwing the few watchers you have. Maybe you remember what happened after your cancellation of Angel which led to the end of the WB. Who will the Reaper strike next?

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