Sunday, November 28, 2010

Good Hair Good Movie

I know what you are thinking out there: Why would a pale white guy watch a film about black hair care products? Because it was funny and informative that's why. Chris Rock keeps things moving in this documentary about how much money black women spend on their hair and the products they use to keep their hair from being just an afro. The money is staggering with billions at stake. The substance used to straighten the hair of women and some men is actually a dangerous substance that could lead to blindness or hair loss. From everyone interviewed they all said it burned like hell but the effects are worth it. And in that sense they are right. Think hard to how many black women you see at all anymore with an afro. Other than Macy Grey and a random woman on the street every now and then, it's very few. And who can blame them with Tyra Banks, Oprah, Imam and almost every other black female in the media having straight hair. Girls as young as three are being subjected to this legal torture which may be a little young to be doing such a dangerous treatment. Kudos to Sesame Street who just did a video piece on their show that sang a song about being proud of your hair, even if it's an afro. This is why I still love Sesame Street because they still provide great info for both parents and children. But for adults who want straight hair, go for it. It WILL hurt but the effects can be very desirable even going so far as to get you a job and in this economy any leg up is a good start. Chris Rock also goes to India to find out about the hair weave business there that is more profitable than gold. He also intercuts in between all of this with the oddest hair cutting contest I have ever seen. Trust me, rent this film just to see that part. It's worth it. This was a fascinating documentary kept light by Chris Rock being well Chris Rock, one of the best stand-ups today. Even if your an albino like me who will never have to worry about hair straightening, watch what others unlike yourself have to go through to be "beautiful." You'll be glad you're not a black woman who has to subject herself to burning the skin off her scalp.

3 and 1/2 stars out of 5

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