Thursday, November 18, 2010


In a true mercy killing, the reaper has struck down TNT's Dark Blue, the only show of the network to walk the last mile. All of the others, including the rather horrible Mephis Blues and HawthoRNe, will be back next year. Dark Blue had the misfortune of being the zillionth cop show on TV and doing a bad job at from reports (never watched it myself). Not to be outdone, Fox has started showing promos for the soon to be cnacelled Chicago something. It was so generic I've already forgtten the title. ABC has yet to show Body of Proof, swtiching to midseason, probably to replace some ailing show like Detroit 187. While the show still sounds like crap, a new time slot from Friday's at 9 to just about anywhere else can only raise hopes higher for the belegauerd producers. Meanwhile Medium has been given last rites. While it has not been officially cancelled, everyoen involved is seeking out new offers (ala Numbers last season). Patricia Arquette has said the show is done and over and the last episodes they promise to be great with them "burning down the house." Could be fun. Check it out while you still can this smart, creepy show. Medium wil be missed but at least they are going to go out on a high note.

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