Sunday, November 14, 2010


The Reaper returned this week to kill AMC conspiracy show Rubicon which will not see a second season due to low low ratings. Actually it was one of the lowest rated shows on all of AMC who has such hits as Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead (which I love). I actually watched the first two episodes before going "meh" and turning it off. As a guy who loves conspiracy oriented shows like 24, Lost, The Event, and Conspiracy Theory to name a few, the writing had to be on the wall for it's success. If I didn't like it, who would. Apparently just a few. Most of the others who watched it had the same opinion that it was too slow for its own good. It will not be missed.
The Reaper has also struck down Fox's low rated Running Wilde for two weeks during sweeps as it's ratings are in the toilet. It's too bad because I like Will Arnett, but he needs to pick better projects because between this and Jonah Hex, he's having a very bad year. Running Wilde is expected to recover enough to appear in the remaining episodes that Fox will burn off, probably during the December/January hiatus most shows have. After that, the Reaper will take it to it's expected resting place of Shows Executed Before It's First Season Is Over, joining Outlaw, Lone Star and Life Unexpected. The funeral will be attended by no one.

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