Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Reaper has claimed his first victim of the year: The Playboy Club. Yes it was ill advised. Yes it was hyped as titillating and raunchy but turned out dull and not sexy. Most of that is due to the Right wing Christan groups whose views are more rigid than the Puritans. Tone deaf from the start, why make a show geared toward male viewers and then make it a female oriented soap? No one that is because it is guaranteed to spell disaster, just like this show did. And while Amber Heard is hot as hell and deserves a better show than this, can we, as a group, stop hiring Eddie Cibrian already. The man cannot act. CSI had enough of him after one season as did the viewing public. Bye bye Playboy Club. You will not be missed by anyone.

Next to go is a toss up between two lousy shows Free Agents or Charlie's Angels. Harry's Law is another to go soon. As a matter if fact you could throw a dart at just about anywhere on NBC or ABC and get a show doomed to fail. Who will the Reaper strike next?

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