Thursday, October 6, 2011


NBC is having one of the worst fall seasons ever. After the Playboy Club bit it this week, now comes word that Free Agents is gone after posting a 1 share last night. The show was awful, as was the Playboy Club. No surprise on either actually. Reruns of the hit Whitney, picked up for a full season, will air in its place. Brian Williams new news show will air in a few weeks Mondays at ten. For now Prime Suspect will take over repeats in that slot. After tonight, will the Reaper strike again with ABC's low rated and horrifically bad Charlie's Angels? Let's hope so.

Only Fox and CBS are doing well right now with the CW, ABC and NBC struggling to survive. How can you find such middling talent for these shows? Oh that's right, you refuse to hire outside writers, like yours truly, to work on anything so you get the same hack writers over and over again. Inbreeding is killing Hollywood. Look at the sad state of directors coming out of there right now. Ninety percent of the new directors suck and suck bad. The best movies are starting to come from overseas in places like Japan, Thailand, Norway and France. We're putting out Jack and Jill and Abduction. To be honest I like Adam Sandler but his new film looks grotesque in so many ways.

NBC should fire everyone involved in this season for picking the worst new shows possible. Expect Grimm to hit a similar fate on sure to lose Fridays when it airs in a few weeks. They have Sunday football and Thursday between 9 and 10 and otherwise they are at the bottom of the pile with only worse off CW finding out that all female programming doesn't work. NBC needs to jettison Biggest Loser and The Sing Off and invest in quality programming. And by that I don't mean another rip off of Mad Man or the Walking Dead or whatever AMC show catches your fancy next time. They're cable. You're not. Think bigger like Fox did with Terra Nova, doing very well in it's second week. And the CW needs to grow some balls literally. Get some sitcoms already and aim for male audiences as well. ABC needs to end DWTS, and all the lady doctor shows which seems to be all you air anymore. Stay far far away from Tim Allen, as his new show will sink like everything on NBC. Networks make better choices.

Hire me. I'm available.

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