Monday, September 26, 2011

New Show Roundup. The Grim Reaper Circles

Let's take a look at last week's premieres and newcomers and the ratings. Overall, Fox and CBS must be very pleased, CW is meh, and ABC and NBC wondered when basic cable starting beating most of their programming.

Monday Sept 19th- CBS as a spectacular night as the revamped Two and A Half Men got spectacular ratings and elevated the very promising Two Broke Girls to the highest rating for a new show on CBS in years. Hawaii 5-0 dipped slightly but was against the Charlie Sheen Roast which got the best ratings ever for Comedy Central. Predictably, the other networks tanked. NBC, whose fall programming must have been made by retarded monkeys, sank to the bottom as The Sing Off flamed out (shocker) and the badly reviewed Playboy Club went down with it. Fox's Hell's Kitchen held it's own in its finale and should do great numbers with tonight's highly anticipated Terra Nova. ABC's Dancing With Stars (and I use that last term loosely) sank against big completion with a flagging show. On Monday's ABC and NBC are in trouble.

Tuesday Sept 20th- Once again, Fox and CBS were the nights big winner with NCIS leading the way, crushing everyone. The Biggest Loser is another show, now without popular trainers like Gillian Michaels, dying on the vine. ABC's Dancing recap also tanked. Glee showed its usual strength and new show The New Girl, killed at nine. I saw it and it was funny and holds real promise. Others I know who watched it liked it as well, so this show looks like a hit. Ringer lost 800,000 viewers as people watched and realized the SPFX sucked (we're still making fun of the godawful boat scene). Fringe this week used the twin idea perfectly, showing that yes you can show two of the same people in the same shot, and not make it look like a 50's soap. The show will limp along but most likely won't be back next season. Any other network and this turkey would have been carved up and served already. Tonight comes Tim Allen's horrific new sitcom. It's s solid shot to be first to go, except it's a weak evening. Ten O'clock must have been DVR time as all the major shows, especially the awful Unforgettable, died.

Wednesday- Another night of Fox and CBS high fiving each other while the other three sit and sulk. As expected, X-Factor and Survivor crushed the competition, even though neither were powerhouses in and of themselves. The other shows just sucked that much worse. Free Agents, possibly the worst new show out there, committed suicide, driving down the rest of the night. Harry's Law finished with a 1.2 meaning its days are numbered and SVU saw it's worst premiere numbers ever. Plus, SVU without Stabler was soooo boring. And the new girl from cancelled series Chase is just as dull. Good actress she isn't. H8R saw such bad numbers that I'd be surprised if it stays in the air much longer CW or not. ABC's one bright spot is Modern Family which wasn't that funny this past week, but scored huge numbers for the night. Hopefully it gets better. Julie Bowen was the saving grace in both episodes. Well deserved Emmy for her.

Thursday- NBC's one night to be happy as the Office took over at nine while Whitney, a very funny show, did okay afterward. CBS did well at eight with double feature of Big Bang, slid a little with the aging CSI and finished the night strong with the Mentalist. X Factor did well for Fox again (they just don't have bad nights right now) while the CW did average with their teen oriented shows. Prime Suspect on NBC tanked even though it was actually pretty good. Person of Intrest however was dull, dull, dull. I loathe Jim Caviziel and he really tanks the show. Too bad.

Friday-Kitchen Nightmares and Fringe led the way with Fox laughing all the way to the bank. CBS saw okay numbers for newcomer Gifted Man and CSI NY premieres. CW lost some ground with Nikita and Supernatural while ABC and NBC had reruns.

All in all NBC and ABC should be very worried and CW needs to stop being the teen Lifetime network if they want attract viewers. Look at their programming. Other than Supernatural, their entire line up is oriented toward young girls. Not wise. First to go will be a toss-up between Free Agents, Man UP and H8R. Come back and see how the reaper gets first.

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