Sunday, October 9, 2011


The Grim Reaper gave a death blow to struggling comedy How To Be A Gentleman being banished to Saturday night after a second low outing. It's production was stopped after nine episodes meaning that for all tense and purpose, the show is mortally wounded and will die after the remaining episodes burned off on a night when no one cares. Rules on Engagement, still on somehow, will replace it.

Charlie's Angels is at death's door as is Harry's Law and Nikita, all of which are doing worse week to week. As someone who watches Nikita it has suffered from an ill advised time slot move and some rather slow episodes so far this season. Harry's Law was awful from day one but somehow built an audience in it's time slot. So what did NBC do? They moved it to the most competitive night on TV where it has been getting clobbered regularly. Brilliant. Whoever is running NBC and CW need to go. At this rate CW will be gone in a few years and NBC will be taking its place.

Stay tuned for who goes next.

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