Sunday, September 18, 2011

New show alert: What sank or swam this week

Having watched some of the new programs this week I can report that most were every bit as lousy as could be expected.

Free Agents- Not funny, repetitive sitcom that won't last two weeks in it's certain death time slot. Watch it while you can because this stinker won't see the end of October.

Up all Night- Good premise with real promise. Not the best pilot but it does have room to grow. Maya Rudolph is a stand out as Christina Applegate's Oprah-like boss. She's funny everytime she's on. Plus, when Applegate and Arnett went out partying like teenagers, then had to return to take care of a baby, was hysterical. Not sure if it will catch on, but it was far better than Free Agents. However it's time slot is deadly. Probably won't be on long.

H8R- Also in the Wednesday eight o clock death slot, this poor idea of a reality show might last only because it's on CW. Do we really need to see more of over exposed stars like those from Jersey Shore, The Bachelor and Housewives of whatever city they are from? Trust me. I'll hate most of the fools regardless of whether I hang with them or not.

Ringer- This piss poor pilot was laughably bad. First, it looks like it was made in the 60's using really bad green screens (the scenes on the boat were terrible) and back of head shots to signify the "twin." Twin ideas where stale twenty years ago and this is no better. Gellar is terrible in this part and should be really trying to do comedy rather than serious drama which, as she gets older, seems less and less suited for. Ask Leslie Neilson how that turned out. Plus, I am sick of female oriented shows that play some godawful chick song every ten seconds, ala Grey's Anatomy. Watch Supernatural's episode where Dean and Sam are stuck in TV land by the Trixster to see this parodied to a tee. If this show lasts, TV viewers are retarded.

More to come as more new shows are watched. What will the Reaper get first (free agent's)?

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