Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best and Worst of 2011 Fall Season: Still Better Than Last Year

As said above, this season is a smidgen better than last season only because the non stop parade of lawyer/cop/doctor shows seems to have reached its thankful end. That being said, there are still at least five shows that will hit the crapper before October is done, although considering last year only a few shows made it past its freshman year and most of them were on CBS (Mike and Molly and Hawaii 5-O), this is a big improvement. What shows will the Reaper get first and which will he ignore? Let's look at the best and brightest.

Terra Nova- Steven Spielberg plus dinosaurs plus time travel equal huge intital success. The trick will be can they keep the tension and interest past the first few episodes ala Lost or will it be yet another non-"Event" or V. I'm hoping for the former myself and will be glued to my TV come Mondays.

Whitney-I love Whitney Cummings as a comic. She is damned funny. Add that Chris D'Elia, another funny comic you've probably never heard of, and this could be a winner. I also love the ad campaign which I laugh at every time. Considering she's producing/starring this and CBS's Two Broke Girls, which has tested very well in early viewings, and she could be a very rich woman in a short period of time. Go Whitney.

X-Factor- I'll admit it. I love American Idol. I used to be in the entertainment industry, once looking for new acts to have my label sign, so this seems all so familiar to me. I love to try to pick out the raw talent that will go on to win. I'm usually pretty good until the final rounds when young girls everywhere screw up the chances for anyone really good to win anymore. But let's face it: this last season was lame. The judges suck, especially J-Lo who I hate for any number of reasons, and most of the good talent was eliminated earlier than usual, leaving pretty boy one and two to compete. I honestly couldn't even tell you who won this past year. That's being real forgettable and certain record death. But now my hero arrives with X-Factor, the same show that killed Pop Idol in the UK . That's right Simon Cowell rocks and I can't wait for him to rip some poor loser a new one. A sure fire hit. Be sure to watch Cheryl Cole come and go by the 2nd episode.

American Horror Story- That's right. Not even I could come up with five new shows on regular network TV . FX is one of best networks for odd, interesting dramas and this one looks like a doozy. A family moves into a haunter house and chaos ensues. That would be enough for me, but apparently the family is kind of kinky as well, into weird sex fetishes like leather gimp suits. Color me intrigued and ready to watch.

Person of Interest- The new show form JJ Abrams (who is also doing the equally exciting mid-season replacement Alcatraz with Lost's Hurley) about a Minority Report-like situation where a mathematician (Ben from Lost) has discovered a way to predict where crime will happen. Aided by wooden actor Jim Caviziel as a burnt out spy and a cop on the trail of both of them this has promise even with Caviziel in it. At least it wasn't Jason Patrick who's getting his own show later this year. Weeee.

Of the above Terra Nova is the one I am looking forward to the most and has the greatest chance of success.

And now the worst of the bunch:

The Playboy Club- This show got the gift of idiots demanding the show be taken off the air due to it's titillating nature guaranteeing huge ratings out of the gate. It is unlikely to sustain those ratings as people become bored quickly with it and find it's less sexy than a late night infomercial. Dull, dreary and doomed to fail. This is one bunny unlikely to hop to far.

Hart of Dixie- Rarely have I seen an ad campaign for a show I'd like to watch less. The acting is below the level of community theater, the plot sounds ridiculous (city doctor played by a woman too hot and young to be a doctor, goes to the country to learn about life and love,SZZZZZZZZZ. What? Oh sorry nodded off in mid sentence), and advance word is that it's as entertaining as a root canal. This one will die quick.

Law and Order:SVU- Yeah I know it's technically not a new show but they've axed Chris Meloni and added two no names to the roster instead, leaving Mariska Hargity stuck back in the office all the time. Excitement. Don't hire Ted Danson like CSI did to revive their drowning flag show (great call by the way), no save some money by hiring people no one for the most part has ever heard of. As the last surviving Law and Order show, this long time series may be coming to an unjust end.

Free Agents- This advance word on this Katherine Hahn/Hank Azaria snoozefest is that the British version was not only better but it was actually funny. This, according to everything I've read, is not the case here. Painful, atrocious and god awful are what some critics have called it. The previews don't help. Yet another British import butchered. For every Office we get, twelve Couplings file behind it. Yuck.

Almost everything on Tuesday-For the third straight year, the networks have decided Tuesday is the night to pile all the unwatchable crap that never should been okayed in the first place. Other than the dwindling NCIS (last season was not very good), there is nothing on the networks this night. So what do they do to fix last year's crop of disappointments like V, 187 and NCIS:LA? Not much. Tim Allen returns in Last Man Standing which appears to be digitally remastered versions of Home Improvement. Right after is the horrific looking Man Up about videogame playing slackers (real original there) cementing ABC's status as the worst network on TV today. I watch Modern Family. That's it. That's terrible. As is everyone's Tuesday lineup. Glee? Ick. Biggest Loser? Fat people sweating is not my idea of good TV. Netflix Tuesday's are still in effect.

The first to go: Hart of Dixie would if it wasn't on the CW which might give it a little time to get an audience but I think Free Agents will be the first to die as X Factor and Survivor are going to crucify it.

Stay tuned for who the Reaper gets first.

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