Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Mechanic: Jason Statham Rocks

Seriously does this guy ever make a bad movie? Not lately as he hits another out of the park making him one of my favorite actors today. I can;t tell you the last film with him in it that I didn't run out to see in the theater. And this remake of Charles Bronson's 72' thriller is not different. It kicks ass.

The plot is very similar to the original where Statham plays Arthur, a hit man known for impossible kills. The opening shows how he kills a cartel baddie by making it look like he drowned in the pool. Awesome. From here, Arthur is forced to kill his father figure and mentor leading to alkl sorts of problems. His loser son Steve(Ben Foster) wants to help find the killer of his father, a great albeit small part for Donald Sutherland, not knowing of course that Arthur is the one that did the job. Along the way, it emerges that the whole thing was a sham and the guy who set up the hit (Tony Goldwyn) is the real big bad. Steve and Arthur team up to take him down.

The movie is action packed, some great nudity from a hot Victoria's Secret model and is a really good remake for once. All action fans should run out for this one. Jason Statham is hot property right now and deservedly so.

3 and half stars out of 5

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