Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Train Your Dragon: One of the Best Movies of the Year

I'll admit the previews for this film did nothing for me. I thought it would be like all the other kid films that came out this year and be more sugar coated crap. Then I saw it and realized the critics were right. This is one of the year's best.

Jay Baruchel plays Hiccup, a small Viking teenager where Dragons are real and eat the villagers. His father Stoick (Gerald Butler) is the leader and a powerful warrior embarrassed by his weakling son. Hiccup soon discovers an injured dragon and befriends it and in the process becomes the dragon whisperer. With his ability to charm dragons, he becomes the big hit of the village, unknown to them that he is secretly making friends with the same dragons the vikings are trying to kill.

The dragon he befriends is possibly the most adorable animated creature ever. With big eyes and lots of personality it's like watching him train a dog that breathes fire. This is a film for everyone of all ages. Run out and buy this movie today. The only issue was the two Scottish accents in a sea of American voices. Why Scottish? With Vikings? This made no sense at all and actually hurt the film. Gerald Butler hurting a movie? When has that occured? Oh that's right, always. Other than that though the film is perfect.

4 and a half stars out of 5.

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