Monday, January 24, 2011


Easily the worst outweighed the best as most of the fall schedule didn't see the second month. Let's look at the real losers of the year.

Generation X- Cancelled after it's second episode, this bunch of whinny pussies made me want to slit my wrists, pop some sleeping pills and hang myself to prevent anyone from watching this mindless dribble. Gee, why no one wanted to watch people they wouldn't hang around with in real life is a big shocker.

S$%T My Dad Says- The first show from a tweet account proves that this is probably a bad idea. Made it through the first ten minutes before shutting it off to protect my brain. Shatner is not funny. Stay away from this comedy that will be lucky to see a second season. It is also the only one of CBS's new shows to come up lame.

Lone Star- Bad name, horrible previews and a serious lack of viewers made this dog be put down quick after two episodes. Critics loved it but no one watched and I do mean no one. The second episode got less than a one share meaning a test pattern would have brought more fans.

Undercovers- Take two dull leads, mix with a forgettable plot line and stir in some bad dialogue and you get this horrific show cancelled after a short run. Claims of racism surfaced for the two black leads but they were more caricature than real. Deserved to be gone.

And the worst show of the year is.......................

Outlaw- Perhaps the most ridiculous show in the history of TV and that's saying something. A supreme court judge steps down to become a public defender. RIGHT. And he's an ultra Conservative who becomes liberal after watching a video of his dead father. Please. Jimmy Smits should know better.

The best of is almost all CBS.

Hawaii Five O-A great remake with Grace Park in a bikini, Scott Caan as Danno and the best scenery on the planet (Grace Park included). A great action show.

Mike and Molly- A really funny sitcom about two hefty people finding love. Katy Mixon is a riot as the stoner sister with Swoshie Kurtz as the drunken Mom. Real comedy.

Nikiti- Again Maggie Q in a bikini kicking high. What's not to like.

No Ordinary Family- Michal Chiklis and Julie Benz return to TV with this story of a family of superheros. Much better than Heroes.

Cape- A surprisingly interesting superhero show also better than Heroes.

And the best new show is .....................

Frankenhole- Found on Adult swim this short animated series is vile, profane and funny as hell. I now have catch phases burned into memory like "You got it," "Moment's over" and the song "Never tell a woman that you care." A must see.

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