Thursday, October 11, 2012


Somehow, someway, Fox's Mob Doctor was not the first to go but instead Made in Jersey, one of the lowest rated shows on TV, went first after only two episodes. As expected Undercover Boss will replace it on November 2nd. It will not be missed.

The Reaper is circling NBC on Monday's with Monkey Doctor Aka Animal Hospital, which I actually like and the worst new show of the year Guys With Kids. As both Whitney and Community have been postponed from this week's Friday debut, I expect either the two sitcoms on Wednesday will be either moved to the graveyard slot or killed outright in the coming weeks. Last night ratings were pretty dismal so either way, these two shows are toast in the the long run.

Polls suggest Mob Doctor and Animal Hospital are the two to watch out for as the Reaper readies his scythe. New show Chicago Fire has little hope as it's debut episode was meh at best, meaning most of NBC's Wednesday and Thursday shows are either dead or dying and need a major overhaul. Partners on Monday on CBS is likely to see the ax any day now and replaced by the why is this still on Rules of Engagement which has become the go to show for replacement failures.

Other than NBC though, ratings are down across the board. What this means for future programming is anyone's guess. What do you think will be the next to go?

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