Sunday, October 14, 2012


Poor Dane Cook had a bad week. First, his new show "Next Caller" was axed before ever airing. The show was about a foul mouthed Howard Stern shock jock paired with an NPR feminist. Four episodes had been shot before network executives killed it. According to reports, the show was not going in the desired direction making one of only a handful of shows to get axed before ever airing. Then, he was skewered during the opening monologue of SNL this weekend. I can't help but picture Cook sitting in front of his TV eating ice cream in his undies, trying to forget the fact that his career is dying before his eyes, when all of sudden Jason Sudekis shows up doing his less than flattering impression of the comic.

I like Dane Cook's stand up which many find grating. Comedy is subjective however and what one person finds funny, another may find it so not. I don't like Larry the Cable Guy or Mike Epps but their brand of humor isn't exactly aimed at an educated white guy from New England so I cut them some slack. The only comedian I never found funny, a person who didn't even really tell jokes, was Pauly Shore. His short lived sitcom was one of the worst shows I ever saw and am not exaggerating. His movies were terrible. Even Tom Green, another guy I don't find particularly funny, does make me laugh on very rare occasions,. However his one movie Freddie got Fingered was really, really bad. Pauly Shore bad.

Dane Cook has had a very similar career. While I found his stand up funny, his films have been pretty bad and forgettable . Employee of the Month. Yuck. Good Luck Chuck. Terrible. Answers to Nothing. Never even heard of it and the reviews are very unkind. With the cancellation of his latest attempt before even airing does not bode well for the Cookmeister's future. Some people are better at stand up than acting (cough, Chris Rock, Hack, wheeze.). Maybe Dane Cook is one of them.

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