Monday, May 9, 2011


Any reader of these articles will see a love for marvel comics as that was what I read and collected growing up. I loved Spider Man, Iron Man, The Avengers and the X-Men with an occasional glance at Hulk, Fantastic Four and the like. Thor not so much. Nothing against him but I had other acts to follow. However I was still aware of some of his past and was curious to see how they handled his big screen make over. All I can say is WOW great job.

Relative new comer Chris Helmsworth is perfect as the God of Thunder. I am the furthest thing from gay but Damn that man is hot! Women were actually getting pregnant at the mere sight of him on the big screen his looks were so powerful. He WAS Thor. For the men we had Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings to stare at for two hours. In other words, for eye candy alone, this film scores a ten.

The plot is nothing new but well directed by Kenneth Branaugh, not making any of the mistakes he made during his filming of Frankenstein. Thor gets haughty and Anthony Hopkins' Odin banishes him to Earth for punishment. Once there, he is taught humanity and humility by Portman and her mentor Erik (Stellen Skarsgard), scientists studying atmospheric anomalies which is how they literally run into Thor. Kat Denninds plays the young assistant Darcy mostly as comic relief. Meanwhile, Loki assumes the throne of Asgard and all things go to hell as Thor must battle back his godhood to save his home and Earth.

The special effects are fantastic but once again, the 3-D is unnecessary and by no means something you have to see it as unless, like me, you didn't have a choice. Could the theaters have at least one showing running the 2-D version please so I don't have shell out the price of a lobster dinner to see a movie?

The film is action packed, funny and well worth going to see even in the kind of crappy 3-D (P.S.-Drive Angry had excellent 3-D so it is possible to do). A must see on the big screen.

4 stars out of 5

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