Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A bloodbath occured today at the Fox television channel as almost all of its new shows over the past two years were axed yesterday. Personal favorites Lie to Me, Breaking In and, Damn it, Human Target were all axed along with the not too surprising Chicago Hope and Running Wilde which was all but dead anyway. How Bob's Burgers made it back it anybody's guess.

New shows such as the JJ Abrams Alcatraz, Terra Nova (dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg, what's not to like), and Finder, the Bones spin off all have promise. Two other shows are also rumored to be on the pick up list, more as it comes in.

Not on the list is Locke and Key, a graphic novel that may be shopped to another network. The Reaper will be busy these next few weeks. Stay tuned for who gets it next.

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