Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It must be spring as the Grim Reaper is hovering over many an underperforming show. Let's see who might be getting the axe soon.


MISSING- Ashley Judd in a terrible show? Shocker. This huge misfire is not likely to see another season as the ratings have been just awful. Insiders say it is a toss up whether or not it will be renewed but the ratings and cost make it seem like a long shot. When will people realize this woman can't act?

GCB- Ratings for this show have been average but with a real challenge over who to market this mess to, renewal seems iffy.

BODY OF PROOF- As good as dead. This show has the Reaper standing right over it.

THE RIVER- Another dead man walking. I gave up on it after the second episode.  There was no reason they wouldn't just go home like any reasonable person would.


FASHION STAR- This Project Runway clone is DOA. Not likely to return.

ARE YOU THERE CHELSEA?- If there is a God, this waste of space will be the first to go. Not funny.

THE FIRM- Cancelled just doesn't know it yet.

HARRY'S LAW- Another low rated show that should have been cancelled months ago. It's gone next year.


I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER- It's been pulled due to low ratings and is for all tense and purpose cancelled. The final episodes will burn off sometime this summer.


UNFORGETTABLE- Apparently it is as no watches it. Not likely to survive just like every series not on cable on Tuesday's at ten

CSI NY/ MIAMI- One or both of these long running series won't see next year with the NY spinoff most likely to get the ax.

ROB-Painfully unfunny. Gave it a few episodes but it's the typical sitcom where all the men are stupid and all the women know everything. Awful.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT- How is this show still on? This may be the year where it finally is put to rest.


They should just cancel everything not called Supernatural, Vampire Diaries or America's Next Top Model and start again.

Most shocking shows not cancelled- FRINGE, COMMUNITY, GOSSIP GIRL. All are expected to be renewed. That makes me happy as I love Fringe and Community.

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  1. Community is only a season away from having enough episodes to package it for syndication, so Sony will make NBC a sweetheart deal to produce another year.

    The sad thing is, the show freakin' rocks, and I have no idea how CBS comedies win the night. I've never even had the desire to see a full episode of the Big Bang Theory.