Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today sees the release of the excellent remake of Girl With Dragon Tatoo, the Muppets, Bionic Woman Season 3 and Nude Nuns with Big Guns, which could be my favorite title of the year. The Muppets was my favorite movie from last year and very shortly I plan on using my gift card from Walmart to go buy it. But let's review some other titles that have come out recently.

Tintin- Great animation but a poor story. It's very frantic and overstuffed with little character exposition as to who anyone is. Europeans will love the movie as they know who Tintin and his cohorts are already and need no back story but for newbies like me, I found the plot overly convoluted and had no idea who anybody was or their motivations. I'd give it a solid C for effort but found little to actually like about it.

Tower Heist- Better than just about any reviewer said it was. I just don't get all the Brett Ratner hate. Eddie Murphy was actually funny for once and Norbit style ruined all of it with the dreadful looking A Thousand Words as a follow up. What happened to this once funny genius? But in this film he's hysterical, Ben Stiller rocks as always and the supporting cast is diverse and well used. A great heist movie that is basically Ocean's 11 with the help.

The Thing- A prequel rather than another unnecessary remake, this works in stops and fits. The directing and FX are excellent. The story not so much. Huge logic problems like the alien doing things that are totally against its survivalist nature and the fact that if the danged spaceship still worked, why didn't one of the clones take off in it days ago? At least it had the ending that tied into  1982's The Thing by John Carpenter.

Paranormal Activity 3-Easily the worst of the bunch, this is yet another prequel. How about advancing the story next time or are going to watch as the two young girls are conceived in some black mass ritual? Wait that might work in a porno kind of way. Nothing happens for far too long, the back story is getting more and more muddled and you completely ignore the big fire that was supposed to have happened in the kids childhood. This which would have been much better explained as to what happened to the tapes than a break in. Pretty terrible.

GWTDT-Excellent remake of the Swedish original. Rooney Mara knocks it out the park as Lisbeth Sanders a hard feat from the Noomi Rapace performance that was so riveting. Should have been up for best picture over some of the weaker entries like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Boring. A must see even if you know the plot already.

Muppets- A must see film for young and old alike. Jason Segal is fantastic as the guy with a muppet brother who together set out to save the old muppet theater from destruction. Cameos galore, fun music and nostalgia factors make this my favorite movie from last year. Your kids will love it.

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