Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Death made a quick, merciful visit to the better than the reviews said Paul Reiser Show. Cancelled after two episodes, it was the lowest rated show in NBC history falling below the dreaded 1.0 in it's second week. It was not a great show but compared to ABC's truly unfunny sitcom Happy Endings, it was a masterpiece. Anyone who watches that pile of crap should take heed that the guy playing the gay character, Adam Pally, is one of the worst actors I have seen in years. Who would hire this guy? Considering his background has his most popular character as "douchebag guy" you really can't explain it further than that. A loathsome, shameless rip off of Friends, this palid waste of space can't go soon enough. At least Paul Reiser had it's moments. Endings makes me want to kill myself. So a half hearted goodbye to the Paul Reiser show. It won't be missed by anyone, even Paul Reiser I expect. Now if we can just get the grim reaper to start circling Happy Endings.

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