Thursday, May 10, 2012


Next week, the networks will announce their official fall schedules. NBC has already picked up five shows and FOX with three. More on those next week as we look at surefire hits and misses. The most surprising pick up is the near unwatchable Law and Order: SVU that went way down hill after the departure of Chris Meloni. The ratings for it were quite bad so I have no idea why they would continue airing what is, for all tense and purpose, a sinking ship. But NBC has been a conundrum for years, albeit some of their new shows show promise.

But in order to make room for the new shows to air, some dead weight has to go. FOX has announced today that three programs I watched have been 86ed. Alcatraz, the Finder and Breaking In are all gone, pushing up the daisies. I really liked The Finder, as it was a funny, interesting show starring the always watchable Michael Clark Duncan. Alcatraz was quite good as well put never found its footing. Breaking In was cancelled, brought back for some unknown reason, revamped and now cancelled again. That one does not surprise me at all.

So the Grim Reaper circles, hungry for more shows to fill his unholy army. I hear the Charlie's Angels remake and The Playboy Club really upped his stats. Stay tuned for more on the Fall Season and more reaping for the taking.

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