Sunday, July 31, 2011


CAPTAIN AMERICA- Steve Rogers gets the big screen treatment in a film that is a good film but not great. Rogers starts out as a skinny asmatic who desperately wants to fight the Nazi's. His size makes him 4F but once injected with super serum he turns into Chris Evans and kicks butt against Red Skull, played as well as could be by Hugo Weaving. The films spends too much time in the past and Captain America is kind of a dull superhero, but the action scenes are very well done and Evans is fine as Rogers. The effects making Evans into a scrawny shrimp are well done and seamless. I just wish they had propelled him forward in time sooner with a more fish out of water scenario.

3 stars out of 5.

SUCKER PUNCH- One of the worst movies of the year. Tedious, overwrought but pretty to look it, it reminded of another Zack Snyder film 300, which I also didn't care for. The guy can direct, as Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead were brilliant. But this is his first, and hopefully last, film that he wrote and directed. The writing is awful, the story moronic and the fact that most of the movie takes place in a girl's head takes any kind of suspense or mortally away from this drek. Somebody should have stepped in and told him this film was not going to work. It didn't. Perhaps if it had been done in a hard R fashion instead of this weak PG-13 something could have been salvaged. But they didn't and this waste of time was created. Avoid at all costs.

1/2 star out of 5.

SOURCE CODE- I'll admit, I didn't have much interest in this film when it first came out. Not only is it a great movie, it's a great sci-fi film. Jake Gyllenhall stars as a soldier in a top secret experiment to go back in time to help prevent a terrorist attack. He has only eight minutes each time to find the bomb, the bomber and save the girl in Groundhog Day fashion. It's funny, exciting and well worth the rental. A must rent.

4 stars out of 5.

SEASON OF THE WITCH- This film got some of the worst reviews of the year. True to form, as with every Nicholas Cage movie over the past decade, I strongly disagreed. This was an excellent movie filled with action, suspense and thrills. Cage plays a Templar Knight who deserts with Ron Perlman after an attack on a castle causes the deaths of innocent women and children. Later captured, he is given a chance to redeem himself by transporting a suspected witch for a trial in a faraway town. We are left wondering is she a witch or not? Previous scenes let us know that witchcraft does exist in this world but innocent people along with the guilty are being prosecuted and we don't know which she is until very late in the film. A great popcorn film.

3 and half stars out of 5.

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