Friday, March 4, 2011

Drive Fast to Drive Angry 3D

Every now and then, a film comes along that defies expectations. There are films out there that should, by all rhyme and reason, suck and suck bad. They come across as cheap and explotive and never achieve any sort of momentum. This is not one of those pictures.

The plot I would like to leave as abstract as possible because it only ruins the experience. Know that Nicholas Cage is Milton, a bad ass who is after his kidnapped granddaughter by a cult leader named Jonah King (Billy Burke). He is helped along the way by an old friend Webster (David Morse) and an uber hot ex-waitress Piper (Amber Heard). Besides the gang members, they are also being pursued by a mysterious individual The Accountant (William Fictner) and most of the countries police force which is elevated by the surprise return of film legend Tom Akins as a Captain.

This film has everything you want in a film lie this: gratuitous nudity, sex and violence all in glorious 3D. And for once the 3D actually works well as it was shot in 3D and not converted like most of the crap out there nowadays. The film is non stop action, unbelievably hot women, most of whom get naked at some point (although not Amber Heard. Rats.), and a plot line you haven't seen a million times. Try to know as little as possible going into this because it is much more fun to have the plot unfold in front of you rather than have it spoiled before hand.

Horror director Patrick Lussier does a great job keeping the plot moving and has been rumored to be starting on another ill fated Halloween sequel and the sure to be terrible Hellraiser remake. I'm hoping this director may elevate them past the crap level they should be at.

This is must see in the theater for the fantastic 3D effects that will be lost on the small screen, ala Piranha 3D. This is what 3D was made for. Drive fast and drive hard to this flick. Sure it's stupid, loud and empty. It's also non stop fun.

4 stars out of 5

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