Thursday, October 28, 2010


In a "told you so" moment, both Caprica and The Whole Truth have been axed this week. The Whole Truth was on my worst of the year list, which has now joined Outlaw on the scrap heap of really bad boring legal drama. Somehow, The Defenders has stuck around and Dana Delaney's show Body Of Proof is nowhere to be seen, but at least this sinking ship has finally touched bottom. Truth was one of the lowest rated show on all of regular TV and the pit of ABC's shows in total so it's demise was a forgone conclusion. Oddly, many a show that are getting dismal ratings have stuck around, most likely because the networks don't have anything to replace them with yet. Caprica was also axed this week, with the final episodes to be burned off at a later date. Not a big surprise as they took their superior flagship show of Battlestar Galactica and turned it into a dull prequel soap opera. The producers said that they wanted a show that would appeal to a mostly female audience. In Science Fiction. What were they smoking? That is not to say that their aren't female science fiction fans out there. There are. However, the number is staggeringly small compared to the male fan base of which Galactica was comprised of. It would be the equivalent of the Playboy channel deciding that in order to raise ratings, they would show more male nudity across the board. The next sound they would hear is millions of people turning to a different station, which is exactly what happened with low rated Caprica, low even by SYFY channel's standard. A prequel is a hard sell to begin with. Don't hamstring yourself by making a show for a very small demographic. There is a reason why networks don't do shows like this. They fail overwhelmingly. Good bye Caprica and the Whole Truth. You won't be missed.

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